The next Trump administration is eager to defund international collaboration efforts on human rights, education, and hunger. Trump terminated funding for the @WHO preceding the global pandemic in the name of “tough love” and will do it again. #Project2025

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The Trump Administration’s “tough love” approach to international organizations served American interests. For example, the Trump Administration withdrew
from, or terminated funding for, the United Nations Human Rights Council, the
United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, the United
Nations Relief and Works Agency, and the WHO. The results were redeployment
of taxpayer dollars to better uses—and other organizations “getting the message”
that the United States will not allow itself and its money to be used to undermine
its own interests.

The Biden Administration reversed many of these decisions. Currently, U.S.
funding for international organizations is more than $16 billion in fiscal year
2021—a sharp increase from $10.8 billion in fiscal year 2015. 19 Millions of American
taxpayer dollars go to support policies and initiatives that hurt the United States
and American citizens.

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